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10 Best Membership Site Examples That You Should Check Out in 2022

Do you want to be inspired by the best membership site examples?

Some of the world’s largest and most popular membership sites use WordPress. You can learn from successful membership sites and improve your own by looking at what they’re doing.

We’ll show you some of the best membership site examples in this article so you can get some ideas and direction.

You should look at the following 18 membership site examples.

What Are the Requirements for Creating a WordPress Membership Site?

WordPress makes it simple to create almost any type of membership site. Put content behind a paywall, create an online community with a forum, sell pay-per-view content, bundle online courses, and more.

A membership site can be a standalone online business or an add-on to your existing WordPress blog.

You’ll need four things to get started with your own membership site:

  • a web address: This is your website’s address (ours is wpexpertpro.com)
  • Web hosting: This is where your website files will be stored, and visitors will be able to access it.
  • A website builder: This allows you to create a membership website without having to know how to code.
  • A membership addon: This will give your WordPress site membership functionality.

A domain name typically costs $15-20 per year, and web hosting begins at $7.95 per month. This can be a significant investment when you’re just getting started.

Fortunately, Bluehost has agreed to provide our readers with a substantial discount on web hosting, as well as a free domain name and free SSL certificate. For as little as $2.75 per month, you can get started

Next, double-check that you’re using the correct WordPress version. The self-hosted WordPress.org version is recommended because it comes with all of the features you need right out of the box. See our WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org comparison for more information.

A high-quality WordPress membership theme and WordPress membership plugin are also required.

A feature-rich membership plugin, such as MemberPress, is a great option if you want to sell subscriptions, paid content, or digital downloads.

The creators of MemberPress sites are expected to earn more than $600 million this year alone.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best membership site examples you can use as inspiration for your own.

1. Book Riot

Book Riot is a website dedicated to discussing books.

Book Riot is one of the world’s largest and most popular book blogs. For book lovers, there’s a wide range of content available, including reviews, podcasts, author interviews, and more.

Book Riot Insiders is a unique membership program that provides readers with access to exclusive podcasts, email newsletters, deals, giveaways, and more.

2. Copyblogger


Copyblogger is a popular WordPress blog that publishes a variety of useful articles on topics such as content marketing, writing skills, growing an online business, and more.

Its writing service and academy for new writers are powered by a membership program.

3. The Script Lab

The Script Lab is a place where you can get your scripts

Screenwriters will find the Script Lab to be a very useful online resource. There’s a lively blog, a list of screenplay competitions, and a large script library.

Readers will need to sign up for a membership in order to access the script library. There are several membership levels to choose from in order to gain access to various features.

4. Nomadic Matt

Matt is a nomad.

Nomadic Matt is a popular travel blog for people who want to travel blog for longer periods of time while staying on a budget. The website offers useful travel advice, resources, and virtual events, among other things.

There’s a paid membership community that gives readers access to courses, guidebooks, discounts, giveaways, and more, in addition to using free content.

5. 40 Aprons

A total of 40 aprons

40 Aprons is a popular food blog that offers family-friendly recipes. Recipes are available for a variety of diets and cuisines.

Members have access to premium content, recipes, resources, and more, as well as an ad-free reading experience.

6. Copyhackers


One of the most popular and well-known websites for copywriters is Copyhackers. It offers copywriters and business owners a variety of articles, videos, and resources to help them improve their craft.

Copy School is a paid membership program that provides members with the best training on ads, emails, funnels, and more.

7. Mark Manson

Mark Manson is a member of the Manson Family.

With millions of monthly readers, Mark Manson‘s blog is one of the most popular personal development blogs. Multiple New York Times and Amazon best-selling books resulted from the blog’s popularity.

Members can also access exclusive articles and audio, as well as a course catalog, ebooks, and more, through a paid membership component.

8. The Measured Mom

The Measurable Mother

The Measured Mom is a website for child educators that provides math and literacy resources. There are numerous articles, printables, book lists, a podcast, and other resources available.

Digital downloads and a premium membership program for access to the resource library, discounts, courses, and more monetize the site.

9. BiteSize Bio

Bio in Bullet Points

BiteSize Bio is a comprehensive online resource for biology, genetics, biochemistry, and much more.

A membership community is also available, where readers, researchers, and mentors can interact with one another. Experts can also host webinars, write articles, and do a variety of other things.

10. SkillCrush

skill crush

SkillCrush is an online coding and design school that aims to help people get started in the tech industry. It offers free content in the form of an online course and a blog.

It is supported by a large membership academy that offers a variety of online courses as well as career and educational opportunities.

Users can access professional articles, worksheets and templates, questionnaires, an ad-free reading experience, and more with a premium membership plan.

We hope this article was helpful in locating some of the best WordPress membership site examples.

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