Month: June 2022

Why Do You Not See All Plugins on WordPress Multisite Installs

You can manage several sites with a single installation of WordPress thanks to the WordPress multisite network. You could set

Homethagan 4 Min Read

How to Add Topics in WordPress Navigation Menus

New readers frequently inquire about how to add subjects to their WordPress navigation menus. Most users believe they must develop

Homethagan 3 Min Read

How to Use Rich Snippets in WordPress

Do you wish to incorporate rich snippets into your WordPress website? If you're not sure what rich snippets are or

Homethagan 10 Min Read

How to Add Audio Files and Create Playlists in WordPress

Would you like to include audio files on your WordPress site? WordPress is capable of processing audio files by default

Homethagan 8 Min Read

Why You Should Always Use the Latest Version of WordPress

Every time a new WordPress update is released, we receive multiple emails from people asking if updating their WordPress site

Homethagan 10 Min Read

How to Choose a Perfect Color Scheme for Your WordPress Site

Do you have trouble picking on a color design for your WordPress website? Choosing the proper color scheme for your

Homethagan 6 Min Read

How to Add or Change Your Full Name in WordPress

Is the name of your blog entries on your WordPress site incorrect? WordPress displays the site owner's username on their

Homethagan 3 Min Read

How to Add Posts by Email in WordPress

Do you want to use WordPress to send out blog posts by email? One of our users recently found the

Homethagan 7 Min Read

How to Install and Setup Google Tag Manager in WordPress

Are you seeking for a way to integrate Google Tag Manager into your WordPress site? Are you unsure if Google

Homethagan 7 Min Read

Beginner’s Guide to Creating 301 Redirects in WordPress

Are you looking to add 301 redirects to your WordPress site? 301 redirects assist in the resolution of 404 page

Homethagan 14 Min Read
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