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How to Add a Line Break in WordPress (New Line Spacing)

Do you want to add a line break or change the line spacing between blocks in WordPress? By clicking the enter key a few times in most Word processors, you may quickly add extra blank line space. You may also use the formatting settings to create double spaced lines after paragraphs. Those buttons, however, are not available in the WordPress block editor. We’ll teach you how to effortlessly add a line break in WordPress in this article.

In WordPress, you may add single or double line spacing.

Before we get started, keep in mind that line spacing is determined by the WordPress theme you’re using. We’ll show you how to add space between blocks in the block editor, and then how to modify the line spacing in your theme if you don’t like the results.

Adding a Second Line Between Blocks

When you add a line break by pressing the ‘Enter’ key on your keyboard, the WordPress visual editor treats it as a new paragraph. This implies that if your theme has the necessary styling, it will automatically add double line spacing (all good WordPress themes do).

Simply put something else in the next line after pressing Enter on the previous line.

In WordPress, double line space can be added.

You should be able to discern a clear separation between paragraphs by merely doing that, depending on your theme layout (i.e double line spacing).

In WordPress, a double line space was introduced to make a paragraph.

Inserting a Single Line of Space

If you’re writing an address, you’ll usually want to write it single spaced rather than double spaced.

Preview of a Single Space

In this scenario, you must hit the keys SHIFT + ENTER.

This tells WordPress that you wish to start a new line within an existing paragraph, therefore single line spacing is required rather than the double line spacing.

Changing the height and spacing of the lines

Even when you use the right line spacing in the editor, it may not appear in your theme the way you want it to.

There are two options for resolving the issue:

  1. Making use of a plugin (the easy way)
  2. Using CSS code manually (more advanced)

First, let’s look at the simple way.

Using a Plugin to Add Line Spacing

Using a plugin like CSS Hero to make style changes to your theme without having to learn code is the best way to go.

CSS Hero allows you to change the look of your WordPress site without having to know how to code.

CSS Hero is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add paragraph spacing.

A drag and drop page builder plugin would be a better alternative if you want to make larger modifications to your theme, such as moving a sidebar or adding a footer. A page builder plugin would also allow you to make minor changes to your WordPress site, such as changing font colors or adding line breaks.

You don’t want to utilize a plugin, or you only need to update one thing? The manual CSS code option may be the best option for you.

Using CSS Code to Manually Change Paragraph Spacing

You’ll need to add some CSS to your theme to manually add line breaks without using a plugin.

CSS is similar to Microsoft Word’s formatting capability. You’ll be writing simple CSS code instead of clicking buttons. It is not as frightening as some newcomers may believe. If you just follow the instructions, CSS is really simple to grasp.

You must go to the Appearance » Customize tab to apply custom CSS to your theme. This will open the WordPress theme customizer, where you should select the ‘Additional CSS’ tab in the left column.

Including your own CSS

You must enter the following CSS code in the custom CSS box:

.post p{line-height: 1.5em;}

Increasing line height with custom CSS

The line spacing of paragraph text will be changed to 1.5em using the CSS rule mentioned above. For typography, an em is a unit of width. We’re utilizing the.post class, which WordPress adds to the content area of all posts by default to ensure that it only impacts posts and not other paragraphs.

This now only affects single spacing spacing. Padding is required if you wish to adjust the paragraph spacing in WordPress (i.e. double spacing).

.post p {
line-height: 1.5em;
padding-bottom: 15px;

Feel free to adjust the numbers to meet your needs.

We hope this article was helpful in adding a line break to your WordPress post.

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