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How to Add Infinite Scroll to Your WordPress Site

Do you want to provide your WordPress blog with unlimited scrolling?

To prevent your visitors from having to click on pagination links or the load more button at the bottom of the page, infinite scroll automatically loads the content of the next page.

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the process of adding infinite scroll to your WordPress blog.

How to Implement Infinite Scroll on a WordPress Website (Step by Step)

Infinite Scroll: What is it?

AJAX page load technology is used in the web design trend known as “infinite scroll” to load the content of the following page and display it at the bottom of the current page.

By just scrolling down, infinite scrolling makes it simpler to view more content. As people scroll down, content loads endlessly and continuously.

The most well-known social networking platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and others, are the best instances of infinite scroll design.

Why Should You Include Infinite Scroll on Your WordPress Site?

When readers browse through the content on your WordPress blog, they will reach a collection of links at the bottom of the page that let them view either current or older content.

Links in WordPress Pagination

An improved surfing experience is provided via infinite scroll.

If you use Facebook or Twitter, you are probably familiar with the constant loading of content on your social network timeline. It works perfectly with material that is displayed on mobile and touch devices, as well as in timelines and feeds.

However, some websites will be simpler to navigate without infinite scroll, and you won’t be able to use infinite scroll if you wish to display a footer on your website.

It may also cause smaller blogs to lag or even crash. If you want to experiment with endless scrolling, we advise using managed WordPress hosting.

Let’s now have a look at how to incorporate infinite scrolling into your WordPress website. The majority of customers will find Method 1 to be the most effective, but if your theme is incompatible with that plugin, you should try one of the other approaches.

Method 1: Adding Infinite Scroll with Catch Infinite Scroll 

The Catch Infinite Scroll plugin needs to be installed and turned on initially. See our step-by-step tutorial on installing a WordPress plugin for more information.

Once activated, your WordPress admin panel will display a new menu item with the name “Catch Infinite Scroll.” To set the plugin settings, you must click on it.

Settings for Catch Infinite Scroll

You must first select a trigger choice for loading articles. To enable autoload with scrolling, choose the ‘Scroll’ option.

Infinite scrolling will not be available if you select the “Click” option; a “Load More” button will appear in its place.

The navigation selector, next selector, content selector, and item selector are the following. These options can be left as-is because the default settings are good enough.

Settings for Catch Infinite Scroll

The next step is to add a content loader icon using the “Image” option. It comes with a loading GIF graphic by default. You can alter it if you have a better image.

Click the Save Changes button once you’ve completed customizing the parameters.

I’m done now! The endless scrolling is currently in use. Visit your blog to see an example of limitless scrolling in use.

WordPress Infinite Scroll Preview

Method 2: Adding with YITH Scrolling

A straightforward solution with few options is YITH Infinite Scrolling. To enable unlimited scrolling, you simply need to install and activate the plugin.

When the plugin is activated, you can go to YITH » Infinite Scrolling to customize it, although the default settings are sufficient.

Settings for YITH Infinite Scrolling

This plugin makes it simple for everyone, including beginners, to set up limitless scrolling. It lacks the “Load More” button option seen in the plugins used for Methods 1 and 3, too.

Method 3: Using Ajax to Add Infinite Scroll

The learning curve for Ajax Load More is more difficult for novices. A repeater template, shortcode builder, and WordPress queries are just a few of the possibilities available on its advanced interface.

Additionally, the plugin provides more customization options, such as various button and page loading icon styles. However, setting it up will need some coding expertise.

Ajax Load Additional Setting

We sincerely hope that you learned how to add infinite scroll to your WordPress site from this guide.

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