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How to Add or Change Your Full Name in WordPress

Is the name of your blog entries on your WordPress site incorrect?

WordPress displays the site owner’s username on their posts by default. This is typically not their whole name.

We’ll show you how to add or alter your complete name in WordPress in this tutorial.

In WordPress, how can you add or change your full name?

Why is it necessary to use your full name in WordPress?

When you first set up your WordPress blog, you must create a username with which you may log in. People frequently choose usernames that are simple to remember and contain a combination of different words or characters.

You are asked for a Username rather than your full name while installing WordPress.

This username is then visible on all of your postings. This can come out as a little weird and unprofessional.

The Username Is Defaultly Displayed on the Posts You Author

Fortunately, changing your display name to your complete name without altering your login is simple with WordPress.

Using your complete name instead of a username makes it easier for search engines to recognize that you wrote the article. It also aids in the development of your own brand because your readers will recognize your name.

With everything out of the way, let’s look at how to add or alter your entire name in WordPress.

In WordPress, how can you change or add your full name?

Simply go to the Users » Profile page in your admin area to alter your display name.

If you don’t see ‘Users’ in your WordPress admin menu, you aren’t the site’s administrator. By going to the Profile menu, you can still make changes to your profile.

You’ll need to scroll down to the ‘Name’ box to view the options for adding your first, last, and nickname.

You can include your first name, last name, and nickname if you want.

After you’ve filled out these fields, select ‘Display name publicly as’ from the dropdown menu. To be shown with your postings, you can now choose between your first or last name, full name, nickname, or username.

To save your changes, click the ‘Update Profile’ option at the bottom of the page after you’ve selected the name you want to use.

The name you choose to make public now appears next to ‘Howdy’ in the upper right corner of the WordPress toolbar.

The top right corner of the WordPress Toolbar will now display your name.

When you go to your website, you’ll notice that the posts you’ve written now display your full name rather than your username.

Instead of your username, your full name will now appear in posts.

If you want to change your display name in the future, just go back to your profile and follow the instructions again with your new name.

We hope you found this article on how to add or update your complete name in WordPress useful.

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