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How to Allow Your Users to Subscribe to Comments in WordPress

Do you wish to offer WordPress comment subscriptions to your users?

Users who subscribe to comments will receive email notifications whenever a new response is made. This may spark lively discussions or even arguments, which will increase traffic to your website.

We’ll demonstrate how to enable users to subscribe to comments on your WordPress website in this article.

Allow visitors to follow comments on your WordPress site

Why Allow Users to Submit Comments?

Having commenting enabled on your WordPress blog is a terrific method to collect reader input and understand their issues.

However, the majority of individuals that visit your website will post a comment before leaving and never coming back. They neglected to remember their comment, which is why.

Users who have the option to subscribe to comments will receive email notifications whenever a new remark is made on a blog article. This will enhance engagement by reminding them of their comment and bringing them back to your website.

People can follow comment threads that spark a lot of discussion or spirited disagreement by subscribing to comments.

Sadly, WordPress doesn’t by default permit users to subscribe to comments. However, a WordPress plugin can be used to quickly provide this missing capability.

After that, let’s examine how to enable comment subscriptions on a WordPress website.

Allow users to subscribe to comments on WordPress

The Subscribe to Comments Reloaded plugin is the simplest way to set up a subscription to comments.

Your users can sign up for email notifications for a specific comment thread using this free WordPress plugin. Furthermore, you have complete control over managing your subscribers and blocking comment subscriptions for particular articles.

Installing and turning on the Subscribe to Comments Reloaded plugin is the first thing you should do. Please see our instructions on installing a WordPress plugin if you need assistance.

Navigate to StCR » Comment Form after activation.

A menu of alternatives will now appear. Make sure the ‘Enable default checkbox’ option is set to ‘Yes’ before you do anything else.

activate the default checkbox

Visitors who have this option turned on will see a text box where they can subscribe to comments made on your WordPress blog article.

Visitors will see the following message by default when using the plugin: Email me when there are any new remarks. You can subscribe even if you don’t comment.

enabling users to follow comment threads

Simply enter fresh content in the “Default label” box to update this message.

Just be careful not to alter the “subscribe” link, which enables people to subscribe without leaving a remark.

Edit the text to include visitor messages.

The text that visitors will see when they subscribe to comments in a blog post and when their subscription needs to be confirmed can be changed in this section. The text that WordPress administrators see can also be altered.

Once the plugin is configured to your satisfaction, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the “Save Changes” button.

Changing the subscription label for comments

You may now subscribe to comments on your website by checking the box next to the comment form.

Without leaving a comment, you can receive email updates if you click the “subscribe” link.

Without a comment, join

Options for Additional Comment Subscription

You can further modify your comment subscriptions using the settings provided by the Subscribe to Comments Reloaded plugin.

Options exist for removing the plugin securely without losing your subscriber base. Additionally, you can modify the date format and turn on the double-check feature to send an email to verify the subscription to comments.

Check the box to enable comment subscription

In addition, you can change other options by clicking the “Options” tab.

You can, for instance, keep track of readers who subscribe without leaving comments, allow subscriptions for specific blog entries, or even just for users who are logged in. If you manage a WordPress membership website, this is helpful.

Additional comment subscription options

The plugin also provides a few security measures that can be used to prevent comment spam if you scroll down.

On the subscription form, you have the option to enable reCAPTCHA and build up a challenge question.

The options tab's security settings

Managing Subscribers to Comments

Register for Comments Tools that might assist you and your users in managing subscriptions are included with the Reloaded plugin.

To manage your subscribers, as the admin, go to StCR » Manage subscriptions.

Managing the subscriptions for email notifications

By entering the post ID and the email address to which the alert will be sent, you can manually add new subscribers in this area.

Then select “Active” from the “Status” dropdown by opening it.

Manually adding an email subscription

To manage their own subscriptions, users can go to:


Simply use your own domain name like example.com. Additionally, all subscription email alerts contain a link to this page so users can simply manage and terminate their subscriptions at any time.

Simply select the “Notifications” option to modify the email notifications. The sender email address, the subject line, and even the email’s content can now all be changed.

Settings for notifications

It’s a good idea to follow a comment thread after installing the plugin to ensure that WordPress is correctly sending the emails.

We sincerely hope that this post was helpful in enabling WordPress comment subscriptions for your users.

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