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How to Automatically Publish from WordPress to Instagram

Would you like WordPress to automatically post content to Instagram?

With nearly a billion active users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms on the planet. You may reach a wider audience and encourage more people to visit your website by posting your blog entries on Instagram.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to automatically post to Instagram whenever a new WordPress post is published.

How to post automatically to Instagram from WordPress

Why Publish From WordPress to Instagram Automatically?

In order to engage with possible new readers, website visitors, and customers, many WordPress website owners use Instagram, one of the most popular social networking platforms in the world.

Once you have a few Instagram followers, you may use this social media platform to advertise your WordPress blog. It’s a good idea to inform your Instagram followers of your fresh material each time you publish a blog article.

You must include an intriguing caption and an eye-catching image for your blog article to stand out on Instagram. Although Instagram does not permit clickable links in captions, your Instagram bio can link to your blog so that your followers can quickly see your most recent posts.

In addition to linking to your Instagram bio, you may also add a link to your bio page.

By automating the process of publishing to Instagram automatically, you can save part of the time required to maintain an active Instagram account.

Having said that, let’s look at how you may post to Instagram automatically whenever a new WordPress blog post is published.

Automatically Publish from WordPress to Instagram

Uncanny Automator is the greatest WordPress automation plugin that enables you to create automated workflows without having to write code. Automatically Publish from WordPress to Instagram.

It connects to more than 80 plugins and outside programs, allowing you to create time-saving automated workflows. You can connect Slack to WordPress, make a workflow that pushes content from WordPress to Facebook automatically, and much more.

Over 100 automation triggers and actions are included in Uncanny Automator’s free version.

We’ll be utilizing the free version in this tutorial, so even if you’re just starting out and on a low budget, you can automatically post from WordPress to Instagram. Uncanny Automator Pro has more than 400 triggers and actions, which may be used to create more robust and sophisticated workflows.

The Uncanny Automator plugin needs to be installed and turned on first. See our step-by-step tutorial on installing a WordPress plugin for more information.

Navigate to Automator » Settings after activation. Simply select “Connect your site” after that.

Giving Uncanny Automator a license

You will now be prompted to upgrade in order to receive more credits, triggers, and actions in Uncanny Automator. If you decide to upgrade, select “Upgrade to Pro now…” from the menu and follow the on-screen directions to purchase Uncanny Automator Pro.

Simply click on “Connect your free account” to use Uncanny Automator’s free version to automatically post content from WordPress to Instagram. Uncanny Automator Pro is always an option for an upgrade.

the setup wizard for Uncanny Automator

A popup will now appear in Uncanny Automator where you may enter your name, email address, and desired password to create an account. After entering this data, select “Sign Up.”

Uncanny Automator will display notification after a brief interval confirming that the plugin has been configured.

Then you must select “Return to dashboard.”

the setup wizard for Uncanny Automator

You must link your Instagram account to Uncanny Automator before you can start publishing content to Instagram automatically from WordPress.

You must have an Instagram Business account linked to your company’s Facebook page in order to have posts made automatically. You don’t already have a business Instagram account? The fact that it’s free is fantastic news. Instagram has provided instructions on how to change a regular account into an Instagram Business account.

Go to Automator > Settings to link Uncanny Automator to your Instagram account. Next, select the tab for “Premium integrations.”

High-end Uncanny Automator integration

Go ahead and select “Instagram” from the left-hand menu.

You must connect to the Facebook page connected to your Instagram Business account since Instagram is owned by the parent business of Facebook.

Click the “Connect Facebook Pages” button to begin going.

Facebook and Uncanny Automator connected

You will now receive instructions from Uncanny Automator on how to connect to your Facebook page. Uncanny Automator will then prompt you to choose the Instagram account you wish to use when you’ve completed that.

You must choose an account before deciding what Uncanny Automator may do and what data it can access on Instagram. You must enable the first two options in order for WordPress to automatically post content to Instagram:

  • access the Instagram profile and posts from the account that is linked to your Page.
  • Create posts and upload content to the Instagram account linked to your Page.

After that, simply press the “Done” button.

The permissions on Instagram

Uncanny Automator will then return you to the WordPress dashboard after you’ve finished.

Uncanny Automator should now show that it’s linked to your Instagram account.

Instagram and Uncanny Automator connected

The process that will automatically publish content from WordPress to Instagram must then be created. These workflows, which Uncanny Automator refers to as “recipes,” are made up of actions and triggers.

Go to Automator » Add New to create a recipe.

You must decide whether you want to create a recipe for “Logged-in” users or “Everyone” users on this screen.

A user who has a WordPress account is the only one who can publish blog entries. In light of this, select “Logged-in users.” Simply press the “Confirm” button after that.

making a recipe for logged-in users

Now that you may begin creating your Uncanny Automator recipe.

The first step is to add a title by typing into the field that by default says “Add Title.”

You can use any name you choose for the recipe, which we’ll title “Automatically Publish from WordPress to Instagram.”

making a recipe that Instagram will automatically publish

The circumstance that will cause the action must then be specified. A new blog post being published by someone is the trigger for our recipe.

Simply click the WordPress button in the Triggers section to create a trigger.

The automatic workflow in WordPress initiates

The triggers for the Uncanny Automator are now listed for your viewing.

Start typing “A user publishes a type of post with a taxonomy word in a taxonomy” in the “Search for triggers” area.

Click on the appropriate trigger when it appears to include it in your Uncanny Automator recipe.

Automatically posting from WordPress to Instagram

Next, you’ll need to decide the type of content that will trigger the recipe. Simply click on the Post Type dropdown and then choose between post, page, media, or any post type.

Since we want to post to Instagram every time someone publishes a new blog, you’ll typically want to click on ‘Post.’

Creating an automated workflow for Instagram

At this point, you can tell Uncanny Automator to only run this recipe for posts that have a certain category or tag. For example, you may only want to automatically post when a blog has the ‘announcement’ tag.

This gives you more granular control over the content that gets published to your Instagram account, while still getting the time-saving benefits of an automated workflow.

This provides you more precise control over the content that is posted to your Instagram account while preserving the advantages of an automated workflow in terms of time savings.

Open the “Taxonomy” dropdown to restrict this recipe to a particular tag or category. You can select either “Category” or “Tag” here.

An automated workflow's addition of categories and tags

After doing that, select “Taxonomy term” from the dropdown menu.

To add any of the categories or tags to your recipe, simply click on them.

Tag selection in Uncanny Automator

When you are satisfied with the data you have provided, click “Save” to keep your changes. Uncanny Automator will now display a description of the event that will cause your recipe to be triggered.

The next step is to decide what will happen each time a new WordPress post is published. To begin, select the ‘Add action’ option.

Utilize Uncanny Automator to automatically publish content from WordPress to Instagram.

All of the plugins and applications that you can utilize for the recipe will now be displayed by Uncanny Automator.

Simply search for “Instagram” and click on it.

WordPress and Instagram integration

After doing so, select the ‘Search for actions’ field. Enter “Publish a photo to an Instagram Business account” in this section.

Click to add the appropriate action to your recipe when it appears.

the automatic posting of a photo on Instagram

A brand-new set of controls will now appear.

We must first specify the image that Uncanny Automator will upload to Instagram each time a new WordPress post is published.

You might wish to utilize the same image for every article on occasion. For instance, you might have created a unique image promoting your website using image editing software.

Enter the image’s URL or media library ID into the “Image URL or Media library ID” section to utilize the same image each time.

Your automated workflow now includes an image URL.

Simply locate the image in your WordPress media library and copy the URL.

Then, as seen in the accompanying figure, you can copy the value in the “File URL” field.

WordPress's media repository

Another choice is to use a different image for each WordPress article so that you don’t keep uploading the same picture to Instagram.

Uncanny Automator may upload the blog’s featured image to Instagram each time you publish a new blog entry. You can refer to our tutorial on adding featured pictures or post thumbnails in WordPress if you need assistance adding featured photos to your posts.

The asterisk button next to the “Image URL or Media library ID” column must be clicked in order to submit the blog’s featured image to Instagram.

From WordPress, publish a featured picture to Instagram.

Simply select the “Search token” section and type “post featured image URL” into it.

Give the appropriate token a click to include it in your recipe when it appears. Now, Uncanny Automator will obtain the featured image for the post and automatically upload it to Instagram.

The caption for the Instagram post that Uncanny Automator will add comes next.

One way is to just enter text, such as “We just published a new post,” into the “Caption” box. Visit our blog to learn more about it! Then Uncanny Automator will apply this caption to all of your Instagram posts.

automated caption posting on Instagram

Another choice is to change the caption’s tokens. Uncanny Automator will, like dynamic text, substitute the token with a special value it derives from the blog post, like the article’s title or URL.

Instead of publishing the same caption over, you may use this to produce captions that are more intriguing and engaging.

Click the asterisk icon to view all the different tokens that you can use.

Locate “A user publishes…” in the dropdown menu, and then click the arrow next to it.

Tokens from the eerie Automator

Next, locate the token you want to include in your caption and click it.

Use a combination of plain text and tokens, as seen in the accompanying example, to make your captions more engaging and informative.

a mixture of tokens and plain text

Once you are satisfied with your recipe, press the “Save” button.

The recipe must be activated in order to begin automatically publishing content from WordPress to Instagram.

Look to the right of the screen for the “Recipe” section to publish your automated workflow. Simply click the slider to change it from “Draft” to “Live” at that point.

WordPress publishing an automated workflow From this point on, Uncanny Automator will automatically post to Instagram each time someone uploads a new blog on your WordPress website.

draft live

We sincerely hope that this tutorial has shown you how to post automatically to Instagram from WordPress.

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