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How to Change your WordPress Logo

The most effective method to Change Your WordPress Logo Size (Works with Any Theme) 

As of late one of our perusers inquired as to whether it was feasible to change your logo size in WordPress? 

Your site logo is a significant piece of your image. Contingent upon the WordPress topic you use, once in a while it’s not satisfactory on the best way to change your logo size to make it greater or more modest. 

In this article, we’ll tell you the best way to effortlessly change the WordPress logo size , bit by bit.

Why Change the Size of the Logo in WordPress? 

At the point when you transfer your logo to WordPress, it may not generally be the right size. 

A logo that is too little will not stick out. While, a logo that is too large can wind up adversely affecting the plan of your site. 

In the event that you’ve put resources into a custom logo plan, you need to ensure your logo shows up as the right size in your site header. 

For those still in the logo configuration measure, see our picks of the best free logo producers. 

That being said, we’ll show you a couple of various ways that you can use to change the logo size in WordPress. 

The strategy you pick will rely upon the WordPress subject you are utilizing, and your solace level with altering CSS code. 

Strategy 1. Change the WordPress Logo Size by Editing CSS 

In the event that your WordPress topic doesn’t uphold changing the logo size utilizing the WordPress topic customizer, then, at that point you can change the size by adding custom CSS. 

First thing you need to do is explore to your site landing page. 

Then, at that point, right-click anyplace on the page and select the ‘Investigate’ choice. This will raise an Inspect menu that shows the entirety of the code for the page. 

Click Inspect


From that point forward, you need to tap the ‘Select a component’ symbol that resembles a mouse pointer. 

This will allow you to choose the logo component of your site and view the code. 

Click the Element

Then, basically float over your site logo until the CSS class springs up. It will appear to be like the picture underneath. 

You’ll utilize this CSS class to alter the size of your WordPress logo. Thus, record this in a word processor like Notepad. 

CSS Logo

Presently you can go to your WordPress administrator dashboard and explore to Appearance » Customize. You need to tap the ‘Extra CSS’ menu choice. 

This will raise a drop-down where you can add custom CSS code. 

Additional CSS

Just add the CSS class you found before and indicate the new picture measurements. You can utilize the CSS code beneath for instance. 


img.custom-logo {
     max-height: 100px !important;


You need to change the img.custom-logo CSS class above to the CSS class your subject employments. 

You can likewise change the maximum stature to whatever size you need. 

Here is what it looks like inside the WordPress customizer. 

Customizing Additional CSS

Whenever you’ve rolled out your improvements, just snap the ‘Distribute’ catch to roll out your improvements live. 

Technique 2. Change the WordPress Logo Size Without Editing CSS 

Assuming you’re not happy altering subject records or adding custom CSS, this technique is for you. 

By utilizing a WordPress styling module, you can roll out visual improvements to your site like utilizing a simplified page developer. 

We suggest utilizing CSS Hero. It’s a styler module that allows you to alter pretty much every CSS style on your WordPress site without composing a solitary line of CSS code. 

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First thing you need to do is introduce and actuate the module. For additional subtleties, see our bit by bit guide on the most proficient method to introduce a WordPress module. 

Upon actuation, you need to tap the ‘Continue to Product Activation’ catch to enact the module. It’s found right over your rundown of introduced modules. 

Activate CSS Hero


This will carry you to a screen where you can enter your username and secret key. Essentially adhere to the on-screen guidelines, and you will be diverted back to your site once your record is checked. 

From that point onward, click the ‘Alter with CSS Hero’ button at the highest point of your WordPress administrator toolbar. 

Customize with CSS Hero


This will take you to your site with CSS Hero running on top of it. CSS Hero utilizes a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) supervisor. 

At the point when you click on any component of your page, it will raise a toolbar on the passed on to make customizations. 

CSS Hero Privew

Then, click on your WordPress logo at the highest point of the page. 

From that point onward, click the ‘Show Advanced Props’ connection. 

Show Advance props

This gives you considerably more CSS customization alternatives. 

Then, at that point, find the ‘Actions’ box. Here you’ll discover alternatives called ‘Max Width’ and ‘Max Height’. 

You need to change these to the picture size you like. Assuming you need the picture to keep similar measurements, then, at that point just change the stature or the width. 

Customize measure


The progressions you make will appear naturally on your page. 

Whenever you’re finished changing the size of your logo, you need to click ‘Save and Publish’ to roll out your improvements live. 

We trust this article assisted you with changing your WordPress logo size.

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