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How to Choose a Perfect Color Scheme for Your WordPress Site

Do you have trouble picking on a color design for your WordPress website?

Choosing the proper color scheme for your website can increase its appeal as well as keep users on the site longer, increasing sales and conversions.

We’ll show you how to pick the appropriate color scheme for your WordPress site using color psychology and one of four fantastic resources in this article.

Choosing your website's color scheme

Colors and their Psychology

Colors can influence human responses, according to a well-researched notion. Colors have an emotional impact on the decisions and decisions we make in our daily lives.

Large firms invest millions of dollars in developing a strong brand image and identity for their products. They hire experts to help them choose the ideal color combination for their brands and products.

Your website’s colors are a reflection of your brand. Colors should be used to elicit a positive emotional response to your brand and products.

So, how do you figure out which colors to use and what kind of reaction you want?

Marketers and psychologists have already done a lot of research for you. Check out the following infographic:

Distinct hues elicit different emotional responses.

The color red is associated with youth and happiness. It exudes confidence and bravery.

Green: Evokes a pleasant, progressive, and tranquil emotional response and has a soothing relaxing impact.

Blue symbolizes trust, strength, and dependability.

Black elicits a refined, sturdy, and secure emotional reaction.

White: White has two main effects: clarity and simplicity.

Yellow is the hue of hope, warmth, and friendship.

Orange has a joyful, warm, confident, and cheery vibe about it.

Pink is connected with feelings such as sensuality, femininity, romance, and love.

Other Things to Think About

It goes without saying that colors require context in order to function properly. Your brand or product may already have connections with colors that may or may not work with the ones you choose.

Before you choose a color scheme for your website, think about the following:

First and foremost, you must consider the current brand image. If you already have a logo and other marketing materials, you might as well stick with them.

You should also think about which colors would work well on the site. For example, a color that appears wonderful in person may not be the greatest backdrop color on your computer screen.

Consider the various media you’ll be using on your sites, such as sliders, videos, pictures, and call-to-action buttons. Consider which colors you’ll be using the most.

Finally, you should think about accessibility. Even if your visitors have visual impairments, which many people do around the world, a decent color scheme will have enough contrast to be easily readable.

Putting Together a Color Scheme

Hopefully, you’ve figured out the best colors for your website while keeping color psychology in mind. We recommend that you pick at least two colors that express your brand and the type of response you want from users.

Once you have those colors, you may use one of several online tools to create an infinite number of color palettes.

1. Adobe Color CC

Adobe Color CC (Adobe Creative Cloud) is a

Adobe Color CC, formerly known as Kuler, is a fantastic tool for creating color palettes. You can choose from a variety of color rules before spinning the wheel. You can alter any color in the palette manually, and the rest of the colors will be modified automatically to follow the color rule. Color palettes can also be created by uploading photographs.

2. Photocopa by COLORLovers

Colorlovers is one of the most popular websites for color ideas and inspiration. They offer some fantastic color scheme generators. PhotoCopa is one of them, and it allows you to create a color scheme from pictures. You can also utilize their basic tool, which simply selects a color and generates color combinations.

3. Material Palette

Generator of Material Palettes

Material Palette was inspired by Google’s Material Design concept and allows you to create color palettes using the design standards. It’s intended to be used to inspire color schemes for mobile apps, but these color schemes can also be utilized for websites.

4. Coolors.co


Coolors is a fantastic color scheme maker. To produce color schemes, simply press the space bar. You can lock down color in the scheme after manually changing it. You can also save color schemes to use later in your projects.

We hope that this article was helpful in determining the best color scheme for your WordPress site. You may want to look at our article on How to Easily and Securely Manage Passwords.

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