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How to Copyright and Trademark Your Blog’s Name & Logo

The most effective method to Trademark and Copyright Your Blog’s Name and Logo 

Would you like to reserve and copyright your blog’s name and logo? Brand name and copyright ensure your image and business against numerous lawful difficulties. This incorporates unlawful utilization of your protected material or your image’s name and logo. In this article, we will tell you the best way to reserve and copyright your blog’s name and logo to ensure your business. 

Trademark and Copyright Your Blog’s Name

Why You Should Trademark and Copyright Your Blog Name and Logo? 

Enrolling a brand name isn’t required to make a business site in the United States. On the off chance that you run a little close to home blog or business site and don’t have plans to develop it further, then, at that point your imaginative works are now secured by the copyright. 

Then again, assuming you are working together across states and plan to develop further, it turns out to be truly critical to enlist your brand name and copyright. 

Enlisting your brand name and copyright permits you to prevent others from utilizing something very similar or comparative business name. You can get restrictive tamoxifen 40 right to utilize your brand name for the business. 

It likewise makes you answerable for authorizing the brand name. This implies that assuming you discover somebody encroaching on your privileges, you need to send them a stop or cease letter and make a further lawful move if important. 

What is the Difference Between Trademark and Copyright? 

Copyright and brand name both secure your licensed innovation rights, which is the reason individuals frequently befuddle the two terms. 

What is a Copyright? 

Copyright applies to inventive works including composed word, text, pictures, delineation, craftsmanship, and that’s just the beginning. When a work is placed in an unmistakable structure, it is secured by the intellectual property laws. 

In simpler terms, all unique substance of your site is secured by the intellectual property laws without you doing anything extra. 

What is a brand name? 

Brand names then again are word marks, business names, images, sounds, or shadings that recognize labor and products from those made or sold by others and to demonstrate the wellspring of the merchandise. 

In plain words, this can be your business name, logo, brand mascot, or item name. Be that as it may, you can’t enlist your own name as an individual brand except if it is really one of a kind and generally perceived like Marks and Spencer, Johnsons and Johnsons, Calvin Klein and so on 

Recall that copyright doesn’t give your business or logo similar insurances offered by enlisted brand name. For instance, some part or the aggregate of your protected work can be utilized under the ‘Reasonable Use’ standard. 

Enlisted Trademarks can’t be utilized, and it permits you to ensure your image against fakers utilizing comparative names to delude your likely clients. 

Assuming you have effectively enrolled as a business in your express, this doesn’t consequently ensure your business name as a brand name. Truth be told, somebody can enroll something very similar or comparative name as brand name and conceivably prevent you from utilizing it. 

Step by step instructions to Apply for a Trademark 

To start with, you need to get what you can submit as a brand name in your application.

  • You can’t present a name that another person is now utilizing as their brand name. 
  • Your name can’t be excessively like a current brand name
  • It should be remarkable and not very nonexclusive 

Then, you need to run an exhaustive pursuit of the current brand names utilizing the Trademark Electronic Search System or TESS on United States Patent and Trademark Office site. 

Search Trademark Database

This progression is truly significant as it can set aside you cash on the off chance that another person has effectively enlisted or applied for a similar brand name. You can look for word imprint, word or configuration imprint, or utilize progressed look with the expectation of complimentary structure blends. 

Using Trademark Search Tool

In the event that the brand name isn’t enrolled, you can feel free to apply for the brand name by visiting Trademark Electronic Application System or TEAS accessible on USPTO site. 

There are three distinct application structures accessible with various expenses. You will likewise discover the data on which structure to decide for your application on the page. 

The application structures are very nitty gritty, and you need to fill every one of the necessary fields. 

When you present the application structure, you will get an email affirmation. From that point onward, you need to hang tight for endorsement. 

Documenting a brand name application is a legitimate interaction that should be handled cautiously. We prescribe employing a legal counselor to assist you with applying the brand name. You can likewise utilize online legitimate specialist co-ops like CorpNet or LegalZoom, which offer lawful types of assistance to private ventures and people for a minimal price. 

How to Copyright Your Blog’s Logo? 

As we referenced before, all innovative works are naturally secured by intellectual property laws. Be that as it may, enrolling your copyright will help you add an additional layer of assurance over your copyright. 

Contingent upon where you are found, you can typically discover where and how to apply for copyright in your locale on the web. The interaction would contrast contingent upon your nation’s laws and methodology. 

On the off chance that you are situated in the United States, you can apply for copyright by visiting the United States Copyright Office site. 

You will initially have to track down the fitting class for your inventive work. For instance, on the off chance that you are applying to copyright your logo, you will tap on the visual expressions area. For blog content, you should visit the ‘Other advanced substance’ class. 

Select the Copyright Category

On the following page, you will actually want to download the application structure with directions accessible in various arrangements. 

You can likewise apply for copyright enrollment on the web. You should give the duplicates of the work you are attempting to ensure. For instance, if there should arise an occurrence of a logo you can give hey res pictures. 

Whenever you have applied for the copyright, it can consume most of the prior day you hear back from the copyright office relying upon the number of uses they have. 

On the off chance that you discover the interaction confounded, you can utilize administrations like CorpNet or LegalZoom, which offer minimal expense and legitimate administrations for independent ventures and people. 

Upholding Your Trademark and Copyright 

Whenever you have enlisted your brand name or copyright, you are liable for securing it against encroachment. Despite the fact that the USPTO office won’t permit anybody to enroll in something very similar or comparable brand name, individuals can in any case utilize it without enlisting. 

The initial phase in securing your brand names and copyright is to unmistakably show your enlisted brand names and copyright insurance on your site. 


The Trademark and Copyright images let others realize that they can’t utilize your ensured properties for business. 

Assuming somebody has taken your blog content or logo, you can send them a stop this instant letter requesting that they eliminate the substance. You can likewise record a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) objection with their facilitating supplier and web crawlers like Google to bring down the taken substance. 

We have additionally made a total aid in forestalling blog content scratching in WordPress. 

In the event that a business or blog begins utilizing your enlisted or forthcoming enrollment brand name, then, at that point you can send them a quit it notices as well. You can likewise start official actions to make a further move if fundamental. 

Note: Nothing in this article ought to be interpreted as a lawful exhortation. For any issue of explanation, if it’s not too much trouble, counsel a lawyer. 

We trust this article assisted you with figuring out how to reserve and copyright your blog’s name and logo. You may likewise need to see our aide on bringing in cash online to begin producing more income from your blog.

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