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How to Create a Video Portfolio in WordPress

Do you wish to use WordPress to make a video portfolio? WordPress by default allows you to quickly embed videos, but it does not allow you to display many films in a layout like to a portfolio. This post will demonstrate how to quickly construct a video portfolio in WordPress without having to write any code or slow down your website.

WordPress video portfolio creation

How to Begin Your Video Portfolio

Create a website or blog using WordPress as your platform of choice. You can proceed to the following step if your website is already up and running.

You can effortlessly embed videos in your blog posts and web pages using WordPress. However, it does not make it possible for you to quickly produce a stunning video portfolio using the

You should arrange your movies in a great grid-based structure for your video portfolio so that more videos may be seen without having to scroll down a lot. Additionally, you must confirm that it provides a positive user experience and is compatible with mobile devices.

While you can post videos to your WordPress site, since they are resource-intensive and can cause your site to load slowly, we advise utilizing a third-party service instead, such as YouTube or Vimeo. To learn why you should never upload movies to WordPress, see our article.

How simple it is to create a video portfolio in WordPress.

The objective is to design a portfolio area that not only looks fantastic but also functions flawlessly across all platforms and screen sizes.

The first step in creating a video portfolio in WordPress is to install and activate the Envira Gallery plugin. See our step-by-step tutorial on installing a WordPress plugin for more information.

You must have at least the Pro plan of the premium WordPress picture gallery plugin Envira Gallery in order to access the videos addon.

After activation, you must add your license key on the Envira Gallery » Settings page. Your account on the Envira Gallery website is where you may find this information.

Enter the license key for Envira Gallery.

After that, you must visit the Envira Gallery » Addons page. You’ll see every addon that is accessible for installation. Install the Videos addon by searching for it.

Activate the video addon

The video addon will now be fetched and installed by Envira Gallery. In order to use it on your website, you must then click “Activate.”

Turn on the video add-on

You can now start building your first video collection for your portfolio.

Visit the Envira Gallery now. To create your first gallery, click Add New Page. You need to give your gallery a title first.

 new gallery

You may make a gallery using Envira Gallery that includes both your own movies and videos posted on websites like YouTube, Wistia, and Vimeo. To prevent performance concerns with your WordPress hosting provider, we advise making use of third-party video hosting platforms like YouTube or Vimeo.

You must select files from other sources after posting your videos to Vimeo or YouTube.

With the Insert Media window now displayed, select the “Insert Videos” link in the left column.

Publish videos in your gallery.

You must paste the video URL and input the video’s title by clicking the Add Video button.

Once you have added all the videos you intended to display in your portfolio, you can add more by clicking on the Add Video button once more.

When done, use the “Insert into Gallery” button to proceed.

Envira will now display thumbnails in the Images section that it downloaded from your videos.

thumbnails for videos

The gallery can always be edited, hidden, or expanded.

Let’s now adjust the video gallery a little.

Select two or three-column arrangement under the “Number of Gallery Columns” options by clicking the “Config” button. This makes sure that each of your video thumbnails has enough room for it to display properly.

choose how many columns.

Next, click the “Videos” tab and select “Display play icon over gallery image” from the drop-down menu.

Over movies, display the play button

The publish button is now clickable, allowing WordPress to access your video portfolio gallery.

Displaying Your Video Portfolio Gallery in WordPress.

Envira Gallery makes it simple for you to install video or photo galleries anywhere on your WordPress site.

It can be added to articles, pages, and widget sections. We’ll add it on a new page for the purposes of this example.

Create a new page in WordPress and name it something fitting, like Portfolio.

You must select the Add Gallery button on the page edit screen.

Add a video gallery to your resume.

You’ll see a popup with your video portfolio gallery when you do this. After selecting it with your mouse, press the Insert button.

Include a video gallery.

Your post editor will now display the Envira Gallery shortcode.

Now that your page has been updated or published, you may visit it to view your portfolio gallery in action.

preview of a video portfolio

Each video will open in a lightbox popup when clicked. The video can be viewed by your visitors without their leaving your website. By clicking on the thumbnails beneath the player, they can easily view other videos.

pop-up video lightbox

We sincerely hope that this post has shown you how to establish a WordPress video portfolio.

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