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How to Disable New User Notifications in WordPress

Would you like to turn off WordPress’s new user email notifications?

If you have user registration enabled on your site, WordPress will send an email to the admin address whenever a new user registers. These emails can become annoying on sites with a large number of new users every day.

We’ll show you how to disable new user notifications in WordPress in this article.

How to Turn Off WordPress Notifications for New Users

Why is it necessary to disable WordPress’s user notification emails?

There are numerous advantages to allowing user registration in WordPress. User registrations are required if you have a multi-author blog, an online store, or a membership website.

There is, however, a disadvantage. When a new user registers, WordPress will automatically send an email to the admin email address.

While these emails are useful for keeping track of who is registering on your website and preventing spam registrations, they can be inconvenient to deal with if you have a large number of people registering each day.

A large number of new user notifications can clog up your inbox, making it difficult to find important emails from clients and customers.

Disabling emails about new users can help in this situation. Let’s take a look at how to turn off WordPress’s new user notifications.

Using WP Mail SMTP, disable new user notifications.

WP Mail SMTP is the best WordPress SMTP plugin on the market, and it improves email deliverability dramatically.

The plugin resolves the issue of emails not reaching your customers. That means that any emails sent from your site will be delivered to all of your users, rather than ending up in their spam folder or being blocked entirely.

WP Mail SMTP also allows you to control your WordPress emails by disabling automatic update notifications, for example. The option to disable new user notification emails sent to the admin’s email address is one of these options.

SMTP for WP Mail

We’ll be using the WP Mail SMTP Pro version for this tutorial because it includes the Email Control options. WP Mail SMTP also has a free version that you can use to fix email deliverability issues on your website.

The WP Mail SMTP plugin must first be installed and activated on your WordPress site. If you need assistance, see our step-by-step guide to installing a plugin.

You can enter your license key after activation by going to WP Mail SMTP » Settings in your WordPress admin panel. The license key can be found in your WP Mail SMTP account area.

SMTP license for WP Mail

After you’ve entered the key, click the ‘Verify Key’ button. You’ll see a popup indicating that the key has been successfully verified, and the site will receive automatic updates.

The license key has been successfully added.

Then, in WP Mail SMTP, go to the ‘Email Controls’ tab from the top menu.

WP Mail SMTP has an email controls tab.

After that, simply scroll down to the New User section and disable the ‘Create (Admin)’ option by clicking the toggle.

New user notifications can be turned off.

You, as the administrator, will not receive an email once this setting is turned off. However, an email confirmation will be sent to the newly registered user.

Now click the ‘Save Settings’ button to save your changes.

That concludes our discussion. Using the WP Mail SMTP plugin, you’ve successfully disabled new user notification emails for admins.

We hope that this article has assisted you in turning off new user notification emails in WordPress.

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