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How to Disable WordPress Admin Email Verification Notice

Do you want to turn off WordPress’ admin email verification notice?

WordPress automatically sends site administrators an email asking them to confirm their admin email on a periodic basis to make sure it is still valid. It’s a fictitious security measure that many website owners find unpleasant and pointless.

This post will demonstrate how to turn off WordPress’s admin email verification message.

Admin Email Verification Notice: What Is It?

In WordPress 5.3, the admin email verification notice feature was unveiled. This function requires website operators to confirm their site’s email address on a screen that appears every few months.

The administrator’s email address must be accurate and active in order to receive the verification notice. For the maintenance and security of a website, a functional email is essential.

Notice about admin email verification

The admin email verification message, which was initially intended to occur every six months, occasionally appears more frequently than is necessary.

Users who are simply attempting to log in to their WordPress website may find this bothersome. What if you could just disable the admin email verification notice?

Method 1: Use Code to Disable Admin Email Verification Notice (Recommended)

By including a small piece of code in your WordPress files, you may quickly eliminate the administrator email verification alert. Take a look at our beginner’s tutorial on pasting site content into WordPress if you’ve never done it before.

Normally, adding the code by hand to your theme’s function.php file is required, but it can be challenging because even a small error might make your entire website unavailable.

To avoid needing to change the core files of your theme, we advise utilizing a code snippet plugin like WPCode to add custom code to WordPress.

Installing and activating the free WPCode plugin is the first step. Please see our article on how to install a WordPress for more details.

Go to Code Snippets » Add New from your WordPress admin panel once the plugin has been activated.

Click Add New in the Code Snippets section.

You will then be sent to the “Add Snippet” page.

Simply select the “Use Snippet” button located beneath the “Add Your Custom Code (New Snippet)” option to add custom code.

Press the Use Snippet button.

By doing so, you will be directed to the “Create Custom Snippet” page, where you can begin by giving your code snippet a title. Anything that enables you to recognize the code can be it.

Then, from the drop-down menu on the right, choose “PHP Snippet” as the “Code Type.”

Select PHP as your code type.

The next step is to copy and paste the following PHP code fragment into the “Code Preview” field.

// Disable WordPress Administration Email verification Screen
add_filter( 'admin_email_check_interval', '__return_false' );


code snnipers

After that, choose an insert method from the “Insertion” section by scrolling down.

Simply select the “Auto Insert” option to have code on your website run automatically when you save the snippet. Make sure to choose “Admin Only” for the location.

Admin-Only WPCode Insert Snippet

Go to the top of the page, change the switch in the upper right corner from “Inactive” to “Active,” and then click the “Save Snippet” button.

After you have saved and turned on the code snippet, your website will start running it immediately.

Choose the Save Snippet option.

You won’t see the admin email verification notice any more.

Method 2. Disable Admin Email Verification Notice Using a Plugin

Using a plugin, you can disable the admin email verification notice if you’d rather not add code to your WordPress website.

We’ll be utilizing the Make Disable Admin Email Verification Prompt plugin for this tutorial.

Installing and turning on the Make Disable Admin Email Verification Prompt plugin is the first step. Check out our tutorial on installing a WordPress plugin for more details.

Simply navigate to Settings » General from your WordPress admin panel after activating the plugin.

Navigate to Settings and select General.

Go to the bottom of the “General Settings” page now that you are there.

The ‘Disable Admin Email Verification Prompt’ option is located here. Simply make sure the item next to “Disable Admin Email Verification Screen” is checked.

Disable admin email verification by checking this box.

To save your settings, don’t forget to click the “Save Changes” button.

I’m done now! The admin email verification notice should no longer be visible to you and your team.

We hope this article showed you how to turn off WordPress’s admin email verification message.

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