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How to Do Live Blogging in WordPress

Do you want to learn how to use WordPress for live blogging?

With live blogging, you can update your followers in real-time while covering events that are happening right now.

We’ll walk you through the process of adding live blogging to your WordPress website in this article.

How to use WordPress for live blogging (step by step)

Why Do WordPress Live Blogging?

When you write a single blog post and include in-the-moment updates during an event, you are live blogging. This allows you to store all the updates in one location while adding new content as the event progresses.

It is frequently used by bloggers and news websites to broadcast in-the-moment updates from technology conferences, sporting events, and other blogging-related topics.

For instance, if you own a crossfit facility, you might live blog the crossfit competitions in real time.

You might also offer real-time blogging for eSports competitions and other events if you have a gaming website.

A fun approach to keep people interested in your content and returning to your website for updates is through live blogging.

Having said that, let’s walk you through the process of setting up live blogging on your WordPress website.

Setup and install the Live Blogging Plugin.

When you want to add an update, you can manually edit a blog post in WordPress to do live blogging.

However, we advise installing the 24liveblog plugin if you frequently live blog. Adding real-time live blogging to your website is simple with our free plugin.

Free 24liveblog plugin

A forever-free plan from 24liveblog is available and includes functions like social network integration, real-time analytics, audio and video recording, and many other things.

The 24liveblog plugin needs to be installed and activated first. See our beginner’s guide to installing a WordPress plugin for more information.

After that, click the ’24liveblog’ link at the bottom of the sign-up box by navigating to Settings » 24liveblog.

24liveblog plugin configuration

This takes you to the website’s sign-in page for 24liveblog.

To make an account, click the “Get started” link at the bottom of the screen.

select the start here link.

A user name, email address, and password must then be entered.

After that, press the “Sign Up” button.

Enter your details to sign up.

Following that, you must activate your account.

You only need to click the “Confirm” button after entering the code from your email.

Account activation for 24liveblog

Your email address and password can then be entered by returning to Settings » 24liveblog in your WordPress dashboard.

After that, press the “Log in” button.

Log in to your WordPress account at 24liveblog.

You’ve now successfully connected the 24liveblog platform to your WordPress blog.

Create a New WordPress Blog Post to Post Live

The next step is to write a blog post and embed your live blog in it.

Go to Posts » Add New and type in the name of your blog article to do this.

add a fresh live blog entry

In the top right corner, click the “Save Draft” link.

Then, make a note of the blog post URL under the Permalink option in the right-hand menu. This information must be entered later in your live blog event details.

Your First Live Blog Event: Create It

Click the “Create Event” option on your account page on the 24liveblog website.

New 24liveblog event creation

You will then be taken to a screen where you can select the kind of event.

Just select the “Live Blog” option.

Choose a live blog event.

Enter the information about your event here.

You must choose a category, a time, and a title for your event.

the event's specifics

Additionally, you may input the URL for the earlier blog post you made and write a description for your event.

Next, provide a cover photo for the event, then press “Next.”

Event cover image added, then press next

There are numerous choices for visitor involvement on the next screen.

You can, for instance, add a timer with a countdown, real-time sports score updates, and more.

To continue, simply click the “Next” button after making your selections to fit your event.

Add more display options for events.

To expand your email list, you can select to enable live streaming and pop-up windows on the following screen, but we’ll stick with the default options.

Then press the bottom-positioned “Next” button.

advanced settings for live blogs

The topic is then yours to choose. This alters the look of your website’s live blogging stream.

We’re going to use the default time. You can, however, select the theme that complements your event the best.

You only need to click on it to select a new theme.

choose a theme for live blogging

At the bottom of the page, click the “Next” button to continue. Just press the “Next” button one again on the following screen.

You will then be brought to the last screen, where you must click the “Create Event” button.

Complete the event creation

Enhance Your WordPress Blog Post with the Live Blogging Feature

You must now include the 24liveblog block in the blog post you already wrote.

Simply click the ‘Plus’ add block icon after opening the blog post.

Include a new section for live blogging

Enter “24liveblog” next to the search box.

Click the “24liveblog” block after that.

choose the 24liveblog block.

By doing this, you may instantly add live blogging features to your blog post.

Click the “Select Liveblog” button after that.

choose a liveblog occasion
When you do this, a popup listing every event you’ve made appears.

Simply search for your event and press the “Add” button.

Add a live blog event.

You can keep expanding your post with more text and other components.

To make your post live, click the “Update” or “Publish” button after you are done.

Live blog post update

Even before the live blogging event has begun, you can still read your post.

You can see the timer now if you enabled a countdown timer while creating your event.

Countdown timer illustration

Simply open your blog post in your post editor when it’s time for your event to start.

Next, select “View” from the menu.

Click view to start live blogging

This will take you to your account on the 24liveblog website.

Here you can blog in real time, and your content will automatically be added to the live blogging post on your website.

Simply enter your post content and then click the ‘Add Post’ button.

Publish new post update

You can also record live audio and add video and images to your post.

Your visitors can comment on each event update you publish and also chat with each other in the live chat window.

Live blogging example

If you want to add an events calendar to your site that shows all of the live blogging events you’re hosting, then see our guide on how to create a simple event calendar with Sugar Calendar.

We hope this article helped you learn how to do live blogging in WordPress.

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