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How to Fix Featured Images Appearing Twice in WordPress Posts

Do you want to know how to fix featured photos in WordPress posts that show twice?

In WordPress, creating a new post is a simple process. However, some users have reported that the main image appears twice.

We’ll show you how to resolve featured photos that display twice in WordPress posts in this article.

How to solve featured photos in WordPress posts that display twice

Why is the Featured Image in WordPress showing up twice?

When users add an image to the featured image tab and then upload the identical picture to the post editor, featured images show twice in WordPress posts.

In the post editor, an example of a featured image being used twice

Adding the image twice makes sense for those new to WordPress, because when you add an image to the featured image tab, it doesn’t appear elsewhere in the editor’s post text.

Because your WordPress theme controls your featured image, this is the case. The how and where these featured images are presented is determined by your theme.

On your home page or blog page, these photos will usually appear next to the headline, as well as at the top of your blog posts.

Example of a featured image

Depending on your theme, they can be utilized as thumbnail images or as main article images.

Note that featured photographs and cover images are not the same thing. Featured photos are displayed on single pages, blog archive pages, and the home pages of news, magazine, and blog sites to represent the content.

A cover image is a large image that is used to introduce a new section within your blog post or page. It is part of your entire article.

With that out of the way, let’s look at how to rapidly repair the featured image displaying twice in WordPress posts.

Fix the Featured Image in WordPress Posts Appearing Twice

It’s simple to fix the duplicate featured image in WordPress blog articles. Simply access the post in which the image appears twice and delete it from the post editor.

Simply click on the image to bring up the drop down menu, then select the three dots to bring up the ‘Remove Block’ option.

Remove the featured image from the post.

Make sure to click ‘Update’ after that to save your changes.

The featured image will now only shown once when you see your post.

We hope this article has shown you how to resolve featured photos in WordPress posts that display twice.

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