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How to Hide Featured Images on Individual Posts in WordPress

Would you like to make the featured photos on individual WordPress posts invisible?

Sometimes you might want to just hide a featured image from your visitors rather than remove it from an article.

We’ll demonstrate how to disable featured images on individual posts in WordPress in this article.

How to make individual posts' featured photos disappear in WordPress

When and Why Is WordPress’s Option to Hide Featured Images Useful?

Almost all WordPress themes have built-in functionality for displaying featured photos in various locations across your website.

If no picture is given, some themes will even choose a post attachment as the featured image for you. This implies that even if you don’t specify a featured image, it will still display one.

However, there may be times when you feel the need to conceal the featured image.

For instance, the featured image in a WordPress blog article may make it appear cluttered. You still want the featured image to appear when it is listed on your own blog page, though.

In this situation, you should conceal the image on your specific blog post without deleting or completely eliminating it.

After saying that, let’s walk you through the process of hiding the featured image on specific posts in WordPress.

How to remove the featured image from specific WordPress posts

We advise utilizing the Conditionally Display Featured Image plugin to conveniently hide featured images from WordPress pages. You can choose to have specific featured photos on WordPress posts hidden.

Installing and activating the plugin is the first thing you need to do. See our step-by-step tutorial on installing a WordPress plugin for more information.

Thereafter, the plugin is ready to use immediately and doesn’t require any configuration on your part.

Simply click on the post you wish to open by going to Posts » All Posts.

open the post in the WordPress post dashboard.

The featured image is then followed by a box that reads “Display featured image in posts lists only, hide on singular views” on the post edit screen.

Simply tick this box to make the featured image invisible, and then click the “Update” button to save your changes.

Mark the box to hide the post's featured image.

When you view your post after that, you’ll see that the main image has been obscured. It won’t display, even if a featured image has been assigned to the post.

The feature picture is not deleted or unset by this plugin. On the front end of your WordPress website, it is merely hidden. You may easily update the post and uncheck the box to conceal the featured image if you ever want to display it again.

The plugin also allows you to hide featured photos if you happen to be using custom post types that support them.

We sincerely hope that this article has shown you how to disable featured pictures in WordPress articles individually.

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