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How to install GNS3 with VMWare?

One of the most popular network simulators in the networking industry is GNS3. By adding their photos to GNS3, we can use this application to practice on various network devices. We can use this program’s virtual machines as GNS3 VMs to increase our GNS3 opportunity. Additionally, we have more opportunities to employ network equipment from other vendors besides Cisco products thanks to this usage.

How to install GNS3 with VMWare?

We will describe how to install GNS3 with VMware in this post. These methods can also be used in VirtualBox, a different virtualization application. Here, we’ll go into further depth on installing GNS3 on VMware. After reading this tutorial, you can begin using virtualization technology to work with your GNS3.

Download GNS3, GNS3 VM and VMWare

Three applications must be downloaded in order to use GNS3 with VMware:

  • VMware Workstation Player for GNS3
  • GNS3
  • GNS3 VM

The screenshots will show you where to find the websites where you can download these programs.

Depending on your operating system, download GNS3 from the GNS3 website at https://gns3.com/software/download.


Click on *download the GNS3 VM* on the same page to start the GNS3 VM download.


Download Fusion with VMware Workstation.


From the VMware website, download VMware Workstation Player.

install gns3 vm

Installing GNS3 and GNS3VM

Installing GNS3 software on our machine comes first. We will extract the downloaded GNS3 VM file to obtain the “.OVA file” in the extracted folder.

After that, we’ll install VMware Workstation Player on our computer.

Player -> File -> click. Open the GNS3 VM.OVA file and import it into VMware Workstation.

how-to-use-gns3-with-vmware-6Avoid making any modifications to Workstation Player for GNS3 VM after importing the.OVA file. Accept all default configurations. This will be seen once all the default options have been accepted.


Launch the GNS3 software you downloaded. Here, we’ll activate GNS3 VM for GNS3 by doing the subsequent procedures.

To enable the GNS3 VM, select Edit -> Preferences -> GNS3 VM, and then click on enable.


Choose the VM name from the drop-down menu (the VM name will match the name of the extracted.OVA file) (GNS3 VM).


According to your system’s configuration, assign the vCPUs and RAM.

Important: After downloading and installing the program in accordance with the previous procedures, shut down VMware Workstation Player and GNS3 software.

When only the GNS3 program is opened, the VMware player launches on its own and the GNS3 virtual machine becomes operational.


In order to use virtualization technology with GNS3, we have learned how to install GNS3, GNS3 VM, and VMWare software. You can contact wpexertpro.com if you have any questions or concerns.

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