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How to Properly Use Focus Keyphrase in WordPress

Do you want to learn how to use a focus key in WordPress to increase SEO?

The principal topic of a certain piece of material is the focal key. It is the phrase or keyword that you believe users will use to find that specific material in search engines.

We’ll show you how to use the focus key in WordPress to optimize your content and boost your SEO rankings in this article.

Using a focus key to boost WordPress SEO

In WordPress, what is the Focus Key?

The keyword you wish to rank for in search engines is called the focus key.

It’s a key component of WordPress SEO best practices, and it’s something that every website owner should incorporate into their content development process.

If you’re writing an essay about the greatest coffee shops in New York City, for example, your emphasis key might be ‘best coffee shops in New York City.’

You can also use different key variations. For example, ranking for ‘coffee shops in NYC’ could be a decent option.

Once you’ve decided on a target key, you may narrow in on that topic and make it more detailed in order to increase the SEO of your blog article.

When producing a post or page, all of the top WordPress SEO plugins may assist you in setting a focus key.

For example, All in One SEO makes it simple to assign a Focus Key to each post, page, product, and custom post type. After that, the plugin displays a TruSEO score along with tips for improving your content.

All-in-one SEO strategy Keyphrase

Similarly, Yoast SEO has a Focus Key option that assists you in analyzing your content.

Yoast SEO has a Focus Key option.

How to Use the Focus Key in WordPress Correctly

We’ll be utilizing All in One SEO for WordPress for this lesson, which is the greatest WordPress SEO plugin on the market. This is the plugin we use on WPExpertpro, and it’s utilized by over 3 million websites.

With that stated, the essential approach remains the same, and the instruction may be used to any SEO plugin that supports the focus key function.

One of the benefits of using All in One SEO for WordPress is that it allows you to use several focus keys.

Additionally, you will receive a free Semrush integration, which will assist you in unlocking extra keyword ideas to expand the scope of your content.

The All in One SEO for WordPress plugin must first be installed and activated. See our step-by-step guide on installing a WordPress plugin for more information.

Note: The AIOSEO plugin is also available in a free version that you can utilize, but we’re utilizing the Pro version for our screenshots.

When you activate the plugin, it will launch a setup wizard to assist you in getting it set up.

AIOSEO's installation wizard

If you need assistance, visit our tutorial on how to install and configure All in One SEO for WordPress effectively.

In WordPress, you may change the focus key.

After you’ve completed the setup, you can either create a new blog post or update an existing one.

Scroll down to the AIOSEO Settings area on the post edit screen. You can choose to set a focus key for that particular post or page from this menu.

All-in-one SEO strategy Keyphrase

Simply type in your focus key and then click the Add Focus Key button.

As soon as you select a focus key, All in One SEO analyzes your content for that key and provides you with a score.

Key to a good score is to concentrate.

Improving the Focus of Your Content Keyphrase

After you choose your focus keyword, All in One SEO provides you with a score as well as practical advice on how to optimize your content for that specific key.

For example, in the snapshot above, the plugin instructs us to add the focus key in the SEO title.

Following all of the suggestions will ensure that your focus key receives the highest possible score.

The key to a high score is to have perfect focus.

Let’s break down these suggestions so you can keep them in mind when you write your content.

1. Use a key term in your SEO title.

The plugin suggests that you include your principal target key in the SEO title.

All in One SEO uses your article title as the SEO title by default. That means that if you utilized a target keyword in the article title, it will appear in the SEO title as well.

You can also have a custom SEO title and modify it manually in the AIOSEO settings for that specific post.

Focus keyword in the title of the post

2. Focus keyword in the meta description

The meta description is a brief SEO description of the content. The plugin will take it from the post excerpt by default.

However, for the greatest results, we recommend manually generating a meta description of no more than 160 characters. This manner, you can use your focus key in a unique way in the meta description.

In the meta description, a focus key has been added.

Take a look at our SEO title, meta description, and keywords guide for additional information.

3. Length of the focus key

According to All in One SEO, a focus key should be no more than four words long. You can, however, utilize a longer focus key if you think you’ll be able to employ it effectively in your material.

4. In the URL, put the focus key.

WordPress allows you to create SEO-friendly URL structures for your posts and pages, allowing you to utilize meaningful URLs.

This URL is usually generated automatically from the title of your post. If you used your focus key in the title of your article, it will also appear in the URL.

However, you can update the URL manually in the Permalink part of the Post options column.

In the URL, there is a focus key

5. In the introduction, there is a focus key.

It is strongly recommended for SEO purposes to include your focus keyword in the introduction part of your post.

The first sentence or paragraph of your article is the intro section. If at all possible, utilize the focus keyword as soon as possible.

In the beginning, I used the focus key.

6. Subheadings with a focus key

Subheadings are crucial for making your material easier to read. That is why they are valued by search engines.

When you use your focus key in a subheading, it gives it additional weight.

In a subheading, emphasize a vital point.

7. In the Image Alt Attributes, use the Focus Key.

Because photos are crucial for both user experience and SEO, image SEO can help your content rank higher in search engines.

For visually impaired users, machine readers, and search engines, the alt attribute is a meta tag that explains a picture.

Using your focus key in an image's Alt attribute

Make sure to include your focus keyword in the alt property of all photos in your content at least once.

Using all of the above suggestions for your primary focus keyword will result in a flawless focus key score.

Using Multiple Focus Keyphrases in WordPress

Using Multiple Focus Keys in WordPress To ensure that searchers get the information they’re looking for, search engines will normally look for more complete sources to show in search results. As a result, longer blog entries frequently rank higher.

You may make your material more complete by attempting to include all of the relevant information and major variations that a user would seek.

Users looking for the top coffee shops in NYC, for example, may also be looking for well-known coffee shops in Brooklyn.

With All in One SEO for WordPress, you can optimize your content for a variety of emphasis keywords.

After you’ve optimized your content for the primary key, go to ‘Additional Keys’ and add extra keywords.

Using a variety of keys

Each extra key you add will be given a score by All in One SEO for WordPress.

It will also display extra suggestions for each key.

In addition to the key score

It’s crucial to note that you might not be allowed to include a secondary key in your meta description, intro, or post title in some cases.

Don’t put user experience on the line for SEO, and only employ these tips if you can do so without compromising readability or user experience.

Find More Focused Key Concepts

When it comes to keyword suggestions, most newbies rely on their intuition to predict what visitors could be looking for.

It is not required to rely on guesswork when accurate data is available.

All in One SEO for WordPress includes a built-in interaction with Semrush, which allows you to get more keyword suggestions right from the article editor. Semrush is the most comprehensive SEO tool available, allowing you to discover smart insights based on real data.

When generating an article, simply select the Get Additional Keys option in the AIOSEO settings.

Get more keyword suggestions

This will open a popup wizard that will allow you to sign in to your Semrush account or create a new free Semrush account.

Set up a connection with your Semrush account.

After that, you’ll be prompted to grant AIOSEO access to your Semrush account.

To proceed, click the Approve button.

Approve Semrush access.

That concludes our discussion.

The plugin will close the popup and fetch the further keyword ideas once your site is connected to your Semrush account.

unlock keyword ideas
A list of key terms will appear, along with a volume and trend graph. In an ideal world, you’d include keywords with a high search volume and an increasing trend.

Simply click the ‘Add Key’ button to select a key, and All in One SEO will immediately provide a key score.

The secondary key score is based on the primary key score.

Tip: It’s critical that you start by writing for humans. Avoid making unnecessarily large changes to your text-only to cram in more keywords.

We hope that this post has taught you how to use the focus key in WordPress correctly.

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