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How to Restrict Authors to Specific Category in WordPress

Would you like to limit an author’s ability to post to only a few categories on your WordPress website?

When managing a blog with multiple authors, it can be useful to restrict each author’s ability to post to a particular category or area of your website.

This post will demonstrate how to limit authors in WordPress to a particular category.

Why Limit Writers to a Particular Category?

There is a potential that your WordPress blog’s contributors won’t choose the right category if you have several writers.

You can limit the categories authors can choose by limiting them to a few options. Even better, you can designate a writer to only post in one category.

In addition to assisting them in concentrating on their writing talents, this can stop content from being submitted in the incorrect category.

Overall, appropriately utilizing categories can improve your website’s SEO rating significantly.

How to Limit Authors in WordPress to a Particular Category

Using the Restricted Authors plugin is the simplest way to accomplish this. See our beginner’s guide to installing a WordPress plugin for more information.

Once the plugin is active, navigate to Users » All Users and select “Edit” next to the user profile you want to restrict.

Dashboard for WordPress users

The bottom of their profile page must be scrolled to. You’ll notice a section where you can choose which categories the user won’t be able to post to. They will be able to use whatever category they choose in the first box.

You can choose a default category for that particular user in the space below.

Set user restrictions

When you’re finished, click the “Update User” button to finish.

Now, the author will see the following in their sidebar when they use the WordPress content editor to compose a post:

Limit category selection in the WordPress editor

As you can see, our plugin settings prevent them from selecting any other categories.

Use the Members plugin to tailor the permissions further if you want to limit their WordPress user role to particular areas or custom post kinds.

We hope this article has shown you how to limit authors in WordPress to a particular category.

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