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How to Send a Coupon After a WooCommerce Product Review

Would you like to send your WooCommerce customers a coupon code whenever they leave a product review?

Customers who leave reviews on your online store are rewarded, which increases loyalty and sales.

We’ll show you how to send a coupon after a WooCommerce product review in this article.

How to Send a Coupon After a Product Review on WooCommerce

When a customer leaves a review, why send a coupon?

When shopping online, you should always read reviews from other customers before making a purchase. Positive reviews help to build trust and confidence in your company and products, and customers who have good reviews are more likely to spend more.

Even if your customers are pleased with your service, many do not leave reviews.

Sending a coupon code as a simple thank you is a smart way to encourage your customers to leave reviews.

Coupons are an excellent way to increase sales and promote your online store. WooCommerce comes with basic coupon functionality out of the box, but you can expand it by using a WordPress coupon code plugin.

Sending a message to each customer who leaves a review by hand could be time-consuming, so we’ll show you how to automate the process.

With that in mind, let’s see how to send a coupon code to a customer who leaves a product review on your WooCommerce store.

After a WooCommerce Product Review, Send a Coupon

Installing and activating the Uncanny Automator plugin is the first step. The best WordPress automation plugin is Uncanny Automator.

The Pro version has a tight WooCommerce integration that allows you to create a variety of automated workflows for your online store.

See our step-by-step guide to installing a WordPress plugin for more information.

You will be prompted to download and install the free version of Uncanny Automator after activation. This light version of the plugin has fewer features than the Pro version, but it serves as a foundation for the Pro version.

The next step is to enter your license key on the Automator » License Activation page. This information can be found in your account on the Uncanny Automator website.

License Key for Uncanny Automator

We’re now ready to set up an automated workflow to distribute coupon codes. These are known as Recipes by Uncanny Automator. To create your first recipe, simply go to Automator » Add new page.

You’ll be asked whether you want to make a recipe for Logged-in users only or for everyone. Then click the Confirm button after selecting ‘Logged-in users.’

Then click the Confirm Button after selecting 'Logged-in users.'

After that, you’ll need to give the recipe a title.

This is for your own reference and will not be seen by your customers. ‘Send a Coupon After a WooCommerce Product Review,’ we’ll call the recipe.

Uncanny Automator allows you to add a title to a recipe.

Putting the Uncanny Automator Trigger Together

The next step is to select the action’s trigger condition. To get started, go to ‘Select an integration’ and click the WooCommerce icon.

A list of WordPress triggers will now appear. You must search for the word review and select the trigger ‘A user reviews a product.’

A User Reviews a Product - WooCommerce Automation Trigger

If you’d rather approve the user’s review before sending the coupon code, choose the ‘A user’s review on a product is approved’ trigger.

The next step is to decide whether the Uncanny Automator workflow will be triggered when the user reviews all products or just a subset of them. We’ll use the default setting of ‘Any product’ for this tutorial.

Add a WooCommerce coupon to any product or just a few.

You’ve successfully set up the trigger for this recipe once you click the Save button.

Putting the Uncanny Automator Action in Place

It’s now time to get the action started. This will take a little more time because a coupon can be configured in a variety of ways. To get started, click the ‘Add action’ button.

Add a WooCommerce Coupon Action to your website.

The action will be to send a WooCommerce coupon code when the user leaves a product review. As a result, you must choose WooCommerce from the list of integrations.

Choose WooCommerce from the Integrations drop-down menu.

‘Generate and email a coupon code to the user’ is the only WooCommerce action available. That’s exactly what we want to do, so choose that option right now.

Create a WooCommerce coupon code and send it to the user via email.

You must now choose which coupon you will send to the customer. If you’ve already made a coupon, paste the code into the ‘Coupon code’ field.

Otherwise, you can create a new coupon by leaving the automatically generated code in the box. That is exactly what we will do in this tutorial.

Add a description to your WooCommerce coupon.

After that, you must write a coupon description. ‘Thank you for leaving a review,’ we’ll call it.

You can choose the type of discount you want to offer in the next field. Percentage discount, fixed cart discount, fixed product discount, and custom value are the options.

Select the type of WooCommerce discount you'd like to provide.

We’ll use the ‘Percentage discount’ option for this tutorial. After that, you’ll need to type in the percentage discount you’d like to offer. We’ll type 30 to offer a 30% discount on the customer’s purchase.

Enter the Percentage Amount in WooCommerce.

You can also choose to include free shipping in your offer. The box will be left unchecked.

The next field allows you to set the coupon’s expiration date. Simply leave the field blank if you don’t want the coupon to expire.

Otherwise, you can either type the number of days until the coupon expires or directly type the expiration date. If you’re typing the date, make sure to use the YYY-MM-DD format.

Set the WooCommerce Coupon's Expiration Date.

The number 14 will be typed. The coupon will be valid for two weeks after it is sent to the reviewer.

You can also set the coupon’s minimum and maximum spend amounts. We’ll leave those fields empty so the coupon can be used on anything.

We can apply a variety of other restrictions to the coupon. ‘For individual use, only’ is the first of these. We’ll mark that box to prevent the coupon from being combined with other offers on the same order.

Individual Use Only WooCommerce Coupon

You can also prevent the coupon from being used on items that are already on sale in your online store. That box will be checked.

You can apply a variety of other settings to your coupon, such as having it apply only to specific products. We’ll leave those settings alone and move on to the code for ‘Usage limit per coupon.’

We only want to give the product reviewer one discount, so we’ll type 1 in the ‘Usage limit per coupon’ field.

Uncanny Automator's WooCommerce Usage Limit Per Coupon

You can also set a limit on how many items a user can buy in a single transaction. We’ll leave the field blank for this tutorial so they can buy as many items as they want.

We’ll move on to the email section at the bottom of the page after passing through a few more settings.

In the ‘Subject’ field, type a subject line for your email. To increase the likelihood of your customers opening the email, make sure it’s clear and descriptive.

In Uncanny Automator, fill in the Email Details for the WooCommerce Coupon.

The email’s body can also be customized. You might want to thank the customer for leaving a product review and inform them about the coupon code you’ll be sending them.

To save your action settings, make sure you click the Save button.

Recipe for Activating the Uncanny Automator

Your recipe is now complete, but it is inactive. The recipe toggle button at the right of the page must be changed from Draft to Live.

In Uncanny Automator, change the Toggle Button from Draft to Live.

That concludes our discussion. As soon as someone leaves a product review now that your recipe is live, they will receive a coupon code in their inbox as a thank you.

To see if this was true, we left a product review on our test WooCommerce store and received this email shortly after.

Email Coupon Code Preview

We hope you found this tutorial on how to send a coupon after a WooCommerce product review useful.

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