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How to Split Large XML Files in WordPress (Free Tool)

Is the WordPress export file too big to upload to your new site?

The XML file format is used by WordPress’s built-in import and export functions. Your web host’s upload limit may be exceeded if the exported XML file is too big.

We’ll demonstrate how to separate huge XML files in WordPress in this article.

In WordPress, how do you split large XML files?

Why is it necessary in WordPress to split large XML files?

You’ll need to export your WordPress material if you’re switching from WordPress.com to WordPress.org, or if you’re migrating content from a self-hosted WordPress website to a different host or server.

WordPress lets you export your complete website as a single XML file, which includes all of your posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags.

WXR stands for WordPress Extended RSS and is the name of the file.

An XML file can be created from your website.

However, you may discover that the size of this file exceeds the upload limit set by your WordPress hosting provider on occasion. You will receive an error warning and will be unable to import your website data into the new WordPress installation if the file size is too huge.

Depending on your hosting provider and plan, this limit may be higher or lower.

The maximum size of an XML file that can be imported is a certain number of megabytes.

While you can request a temporary increase in the file size limit from your web hosting provider, most shared hosting providers will refuse.

As a result, your only alternative option is to manually separate the XML file into smaller pieces, which is time consuming.

Fortunately, you can split huge WordPress XML files automatically using a simple free online tool.

Let’s have a look at how to split huge XML files in WordPress with that in mind.

In WordPress, how do you split large XML files?

You’ll need to go to the Free WXR File Splitter Tool website once you’ve exported your WordPress site to a single XML file. This is a free online tool for breaking down a huge WordPress export file into smaller pieces.

You can then drag your XML file onto the ‘Click or drag a file to this area to upload’ section. You can also select the XML file by clicking the ‘WXR File’ option.

Use the free WXR File Splitter Tool to upload the XML file.

Then, using the ‘New file size’ slider, set it to the maximum upload size for your website or smaller. The purpose is to build several little files that can be uploaded to your host without exceeding the file size constraints.

You must click the ‘Submit’ button when you are finished. Your huge XML file will be broken down into smaller, more manageable pieces.

To your computer, save the split files as a zip file.

Finally, click the ‘Download’ option to save the files to your computer’s default download folder. The files will be bundled together and must be unzipped before being imported into your new website.

We hope you learned how to split huge XML files in WordPress with the aid of this guide.

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