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Top 9 Must Have iPhone Apps for Bloggers

Are you looking for the best iPhone apps for bloggers to download? You’re probably already using a variety of apps on your iPhone to help your blog. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 must-have iPhone apps for bloggers, WordPress users, and online marketers in this article.

Bloggers must have iPhone apps.

1. WordPress.com Apps

Apps for WordPress.com

WordPress.com provides attractive apps for managing both WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress.org websites. For more information, see our guide on the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

Apps for iOS, Android, and desktop computers are all available. It enables you to write and edit posts while on the go, as well as share photos, receive push notifications, and manage comments.

One disadvantage of using the app is that some of its features, such as stats, necessitate the creation of a WordPress.com account and the installation of JetPack on your site. These features, however, are optional, and you can still use the app without them.

2. Ulysses


Check out Ulysses if you’re looking for a great writing app for your iPhone. It’s a paid app that’s won awards, and you’ll enjoy the writing experience it provides.

When you’re writing, the app basically gets out of your way, allowing you to be more productive even on a small screen. It’s a WordPress and Medium-compatible writing app. You can use Notes, Google Drive, DropBox, and other apps to share and open files.

It also includes intuitive organization for all of your writing projects, making staying organized while on the go much easier. The markdown syntax used in text editing allows you to write freely without having to constantly tap small buttons to format or add links.

3. Feedly


Do you want to be able to read all of your favorite websites and blogs while on the go? Then take a look at Feedly. It’s the most convenient way to subscribe to your favorite websites and read them whenever you want, on any device. Feedly is available for a variety of platforms, including browsers, desktops, iOS, Android, and more.

It is, without a doubt, the best RSS feed reader available. Providing a simple and clear reading experience, intelligent tracking of what you’ve read, and easier subscription management tools.

4. Snapseed


Your iPhone has a great camera, and you may need to edit photos on the go from time to time. Unfortunately, it does not come with an advanced image editing tool that can do everything you want right out of the box. Snapseed comes in handy here.

Snapseed is a powerful photo editing app for mobile devices developed by Google. Healing brush, edit history, filters, color and light balance, and more are among the many features available for both Android and iPhone.

You’ll be surprised at how simple it is to use Snapseed’s advanced editing features with taps and gestures. If you frequently share photos from your iPhone, this is a must-have app.



Do you ever wish you could have someone automate certain aspects of your blogging and social media? IFTTT is the virtual assistant you’ve always wanted.

It enables you to automate your social media, blogging, mobile, and IoT activities.

Basically, you set conditions for various apps, and IFTTT performs the actions you specify when those conditions are met. It can, for example, tweet your new articles, share them on Facebook, and retweet them, among other things.

6. Google Authenticator

Authenticator by Google

Enabling two-step verification for your WordPress login screen is one of the most important tips in our WordPress security guide. The app you’ll need to enable it is Google Authenticator.

It generates passwords that are time-sensitive and must be entered alongside your WordPress password. Hackers will not be able to easily break into your website because these passwords are generated on your mobile device and are only valid for a short period of time.

7. LastPass


In the dark corners of the internet, identity thieves, malware, and cyber attacks lurk. Passwords are your first line of defense against these threats. For all of your online accounts, you should always use unique, strong passwords. Now comes the problem of keeping track of all those strong passwords.

You are not required to do so. LastPass is a password manager that works across all browsers, operating systems, and devices, including your iPhone. It allows you to save and enter passwords automatically. You can also safely share your passwords with coworkers without allowing them to see them.

Alternatives include Authy and 1Password.

8. Pushbullet


Pushbullet is a useful app for sharing files between your devices. It is compatible with all major operating systems, including iPhone and Android, as well as all major browsers. This is especially useful when you need to send a file from one device to another without having to sync all of your files.

It also allows you to view your phone’s notifications in your browser or on your desktop. You can also use your desktop to view and send text messages to your phone.

9. Hootsuite


While the default social media apps are adequate for most users, they lack many features that a blogger, online marketer, or business owner would require.

Scheduling, social media monitoring, analytics, a unified dashboard, and collaboration are just a few of the features available. Hootsuite is the most popular app that combines all of these features into a visually appealing dashboard.

We hope you found some new must-have iPhone apps for bloggers as a result of this article.

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