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What is GitHub

GitHub is a cloud-based service that allows programmers to store and manage their code. It gets its name from the Git version control system that it employs.

Among open source developers and programmers, GitHub is currently the most popular code hosting site. There are many plugins and themes available for WordPress users.

What exactly is GitHub?

What is Git Version Control, and how does it work?

A team of developers can work on the same project at the same time thanks to version control. It records every change made to each file over time.

When there is a problem, the developer can commit to a batch of modifications at any moment or roll back to a previous version. When two developers work on the same file, the system can handle disputes.

Git is a widely used version control system that enables multiple people to collaborate on the same code base. IT is a hosted version control service that uses Git.

What Is GitHub and How Does It Work?

A repository is a type of project maintained on GitHub. On GitHub, anyone may create an account. They can add other users to their repository so that they can work on a development project together.

How to Create a GitHub Repository from Scratch

Users can build a “fork” of the project, or a copy, and work on it on their own computer. After that, they can request that their improvements be incorporated into the main project. The project owner has the option of accepting or rejecting the changes.

Many WordPress developers host their plugins and themes on it. It enables users to work in groups, receive feedback, and have their code reviewed by others.

It also implies that WordPress users can download and use these plugins and themes from GitHub.

How to Install GitHub Plugins and Themes

WordPress plugins and themes can be easily downloaded and installed from GitHub. You only need to download a ZIP file and manually install the plugin.

From GitHub, you can get a WordPress Plugin.

In our article on how to install WordPress plugins and themes from GitHub, we walk you through the process step by step.

Don’t forget to star the GitHub project that you’re using if you enjoy the plugin or theme you’re using. This will demonstrate to the developers that you value their efforts.

What Else Can You Do With GitHub?

GitHub isn’t only for code anymore. It’s also a huge developer and programmer social networking site.

Users can follow each other, subscribe to project updates, and give each other a star rating. Users can utilize these capabilities to stay up to date on projects they’re interested in, as well as communicate with coworkers and collaborators.

It’s also useful for writing projects that require cooperation and version control. It is frequently used to develop software manuals and documentation, learning resources, and other writing projects.

We hope you found this article useful in learning more about GitHub.

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