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What is Gravatar and Why You Should Start Using it Right Away

New WordPress users frequently inquire about the grey icon that appears next to their name. We occasionally receive emails from users asking how they can turn off the grey stuff. The gravatar for this grey icon is “mysterious man.” This post will explain what a gravatar is and why you should use one right away.

What is Gravatar

Avatar’s History

Before we get into what a Gravatar is, it’s important to understand what an avatar is. A user’s avatar is a graphical representation. It could be a photo of the individual or a random icon they choose to associate with. People used icons for identification purposes back when the internet was more anonymous. In the gaming community, this is still much the case. One of the most appealing aspects of discussion boards and forums is that active participants may be identified by their avatar. While remembering names is difficult, recognizing a certain image is simple. If you frequented several message boards, you’d notice that a similar set of folks appeared on each one. It was difficult to establish a commenting persona as the web evolved and blogging became more prominent. Users were needed to register for forums and other services. Each user had their own profile, which allowed them to quickly add a “avatar” to it. In most cases, though, blog commenting does not necessitate registration. So, how do we track down users? That’s where avatar comes in handy.

What is a Gravatar, exactly?

The term “gravatar” refers to a globally recognized avatar. It is well-known around the world because it is used by millions of people and websites. Gravatar is supported by most common apps, such as WordPress. A user’s Globally Recognized Avatar is pulled from Gravatar servers when they submit a remark (with email) on a site that accepts Gravatar. The image is then shown with the comment. This allows each commenter to maintain their identity across the internet.


Why do I need to use Gravatar?

You should use a avatar if you wish to be recognized on the internet. avatar is a must-have for any blogger, non-profit, small business, or anyone looking to establish a brand. You almost certainly read and comment on blogs. Your gravatar might not attract as much attention initially. However, if the same individual sees your comment on several different websites, they are likely to visit your website. By looking at their gravatar, we can easily identify our dedicated users as publishers.

Gravatar, in our opinion, makes your comment stand out.

What is the procedure for obtaining a Gravatar?

It’s easy to use and completely free. Just go to the Gravatar website. To comment, sign up with the email address you use the most. Make a self-portrait avatar. This might be a photograph of yourself, your company’s emblem, or something completely else. You actually only need to do it once. You’re unlikely to change your avatar frequently. So it’s more of a “set it and forget it” situation.

avatar integration with comments is already included in most WordPress themes. If your theme doesn’t include it, you should think about adding it. You can replace the default mystery man gravatar on your site with something different for added branding.

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