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What is jQuery

jQuery is a free JavaScript library that makes it simple to write HTML on the client side (See: JavaScript). It is compatible with all major browsers.

It is a popular tool for integrating client-side scripting to web pages in current web design. It is extensively used to conduct numerous operations on the client’s browser, reducing bandwidth usage and improving user experience.

What is: jQuery

Sliders, lightbox popups, spinning testimonials, and other use cases are just a few examples.

Developers can use jQuerys to do certain activities in the browser without having to reload the page. Navigating a web page, choosing components on a website to perform activities on them, calling Ajax scripts, and handling events like what happens when a user clicks an element are all examples of these tasks.

jQuery and a few key jQuerys libraries are included with WordPress. Developers of WordPress themes and plugins can easily use It to include their own jQuery scripts in their code.

Users must add their own jQuery scripts and enqueue them in WordPress in order to use jQuery in their theme or plugin. Users can utilize jQuery core or any of the jQuerys plugins included with WordPress as a dependency when enqueuing their scripts. Along with the user script, WordPress loads it automatically.

An example of code is provided below. This code adds a custom javascript to the page and uses jQuerys as a dependency.

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