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What is Visual Editor in WordPress

In the WordPress post edit screen, the Visual Editor is a rich text editor. Visual and Text editors are available on the WordPress post edit screen.

A WYSIWG editor is used to create the visual editor. WYSIWIG stands for “what you see is what you get,” which means that the material will appear precisely as it does on your screen when it is published. This includes word processors like Microsoft Word and Pages.

TinyMCE, an open-source WYSIWYG HTML editor, is included with WordPress in a modified form. It offers many of the same capabilities as desktop publishing programs like Microsoft Word, including a toolbar along the top that allows you to format your content.

visual editor

Instead of inputting HTML, users can utilize the toolbar buttons to testopro write posts and format them. TinyMCE can display images directly inside the editor because it is a visual text editor. The text-align buttons in the editor allow users to effortlessly match their photos with their text.

In the image below, you can see the toolbar with all of the formatting choices we just mentioned, such as bolding and italicizing the font, aligning paragraphs, adding quotes, and spell-checking. The “add media” button at the top left allows you to include images and other media in your post, while the button in the top right allows you to switch between the visual and text editor modes.

Because TinyMCE is expandable, WordPress plugin developers can add their own buttons to the toolbar of the visual editor. The editor can also be customized by themes to follow the same style standards as the live site.

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