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Why Do You Not See All Plugins on WordPress Multisite Installs

You can manage several sites with a single installation of WordPress thanks to the WordPress multisite network. You could set up Recently, one of our users questioned us as to why several of their plugins were not visible on their WordPress multisite network. After installing the plugins, they were unable to find them on their multisite network’s plugins page. In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons behind WordPress multisite installations where not all plugins are shown as well as a workaround.

WP Multisite plugin administration

You can manage several sites with a single installation of WordPress thanks to the WordPress multisite network. On such a multi-site network, all of the sites can have themes and plugins installed.

When you log in as the super admin to the primary site of your WordPress multisite, there are two different plugin panels.

You cannot install new plugins from the initial plugin panel; you can only activate them for your primary website.

You may manage plugins for your entire network from the second plugins panel, which can be found under My Sites » Network Admin » Plugins.

menus for site and network plugins

You must go to My Sites » Network Admin » Plugins in order to install a plugin on a WordPress multisite.

In a WordPress multisite network, adding a new plugin

To install a new plugin, use the add new button on the network plugins page.

WordPress Multisite: Adding a New Plugin

You will notice a link to network activate the plugin after the installation is complete. All the websites in your multisite network will have access to a plugin once you network activate it.

It cannot be turned off or removed by individual site administrators. Because of this, network-activated plugins do not appear on the plugins page of either your root site or any child sites.

network-enabled plugin

After installation, you can view a plugin in your root site’s Plugins panel if you choose not to network activate it. You can only enable the plugin for the root site from this screen.

turning on a plugin for a specific site in a network of multiple sites

Plugins on Multisite Network Subsites

As soon as you set up a WordPress multisite network, you are elevated to Super Admin status. You now have the option to add plugins and themes to every other network site.

The site administrators for a certain website on your network are unable to update, add, or remove plugins. The plugin menu will therefore not even be visible to site administrators in their admin bar.

In a WordPress multisite, there isn't a plugins page for a subsite.

The site administrators will, however, be allowed to customize the plugin parameters for their own site if you network activate it.

Setting up WordPress SEO on a multisite network's subsidiary website

In WordPress Multisite, you may add a plugin menu for child sites.

You must navigate to the Network Admin dashboard in order to enable the plugin’s menu for particular sites.

to the network administrator's dashboard

Go to Settings > Network Settings on the network admin panel. You will find the checkbox to activate the plugins menu at the bottom of the page if you scroll down.

enabling the plugins menu on a per-site basis

That’s it; after saving your changes, each site will now be able to see the plugins menu. Additionally, they will be able to view and activate any installed plugins for their website.

Note: Network-activated plugins are hidden from individual site administrators.

That’s it, we sincerely hope this article has made it clear why not all plugins are installed on WordPress multisite sites.

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