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WordPress vs Static HTML – What’s Best for Your Business Website?

Are you interested in starting a company website but unsure of where to begin? One of the users recently questioned us at an event about the benefits of WordPress over static HTML websites. You’re in the proper place if a developer told you that you needed an HTML site or if you were curious after hearing this somewhere else. In this post, we’ll examine the pros and cons of using WordPress vs. HTML for business websites.

WordPress vs. HTML for commercial websites

What is WordPress?

A content management system is WordPress (CMS). A user-friendly interface provided by content management systems enables YOU to administer your website.

From an admin section that even complete beginners might easily grasp, you may make all the adjustments to your website.

Despite the fact that there are other CMS, WordPress is the most widely used because it runs almost 26% of all websites on the internet.

It’s crucial to distinguish WordPress.org from WordPress.com. WordPress.org hosts the open source content management system. WordPress.com, on the other hand, offers blog hosting services. Please refer to our explanation of how WordPress.org and WordPress.com differ.

After that, let’s examine the benefits and drawbacks of adopting WordPress.

Benefits of Using WordPress

Easy to Update – You don’t need to pay your developer to add new pages; you can simply log in to your WordPress site and do so. You can easily develop or update pages for your website with WordPress because of its simple interface and ease of use.

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Professional WordPress Templates for User Interface – You can utilize one of the countless ready-made themes on the internet for your website. Professionals from all over the world create these themes.

Amazingly Powerful – Plugins are a simple way to expand WordPress websites. You can add any functionality to your current websites, such as a contact form, a reservation system, a photo gallery, and more, by installing plugins.

Complete ownership and control – You acquire complete ownership of your website, its domain name, and all of its contents. There is no restriction on the modifications you can make, and there is no cap on the popularity, traffic, sales, and users your site can get.

Disadvantages of Using WordPress

The WordPress Learning Curve’s Drawbacks – Although WordPress is simple to use, most newcomers require some time to become accustomed to the program. It will take some work, but there is a lot of aid available to get beyond this learning curve quickly.

Upkeep – You are in charge of keeping WordPress, installed plugins, and themes current. Use managed WordPress hosting to get this done for you as well.

A Static HTML Website: What Is It?

The markup language used to display web pages is called HTML. The majority of websites on the internet build their web pages using HTML and a number of markup and scripting languages.

Typically, if you want an HTML website for your business, you’ll need to engage a web developer. Your website will be built using various technologies, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and others.

Behind a static HTML site is HTML code.

Databases are used by CMS programs like WordPress to store and retrieve content. However, all of your content on HTML websites is contained in static files.

After that, let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of your company’s HTML website.

Benefits of HTML Websites

Little to No Upkeep – After your website goes live, you don’t need to install any updates or do frequent backups. You can just make one backup of your website and leave it alone if nothing is changed.

Low Requirements: Servers without PHP or MySQL installed are sufficient for HTML websites. They can function on less expensive servers with few resources. However, the majority of reputable web hosts support MySQL and PHP.

A HTML website’s disadvantages 

No Updates – Static HTML webpages can be quite challenging for novices to update if they don’t know HTML/CSS. Even simple operations like creating new pages, updating outdated content, or uploading videos or photographs require the assistance of a developer.

If your company expands and you wish to add a function to your website, such as a store, a survey or poll, a gallery, etc., this clause prevents you from doing so. You would need to pay a developer to handle all of this, and they would probably advise switching to WordPress.

Costs – Given that even the smallest activities will need hiring staff, the cost of an HTML website may end up being far greater than the cost of a WordPress website.

What is superior? HTML versus WordPress?

Now that we are aware of the benefits and drawbacks of both HTML and WordPress websites. Let’s discuss which is best for your company website.

Consider an HTML website if you are convinced that you won’t ever wish to edit, modify, or add anything new to it. It will accomplish your goals faster and more quickly.

WordPress is undoubtedly a superior option if you want complete independence and control over your website and don’t want to waste money on monthly retainers for hiring developers to upload photos.

WordPress is the way to go if you want to expand your company website and earn more money.

Without hiring a staff member, you can add material to your website using WordPress. You can make as many pages as you need whenever you need to.

To keep your consumers informed, you can include a blog section. You can even create your own email list to continue attracting new clients to your company.

You’ll be a part of an international network of companies that use WordPress to control their online presence. Every day, there are a ton of free materials, tools, and plugins available to help you expand your business.

You will be able to use that money to expand your business using WordPress rather than paying developers a lot of money for the little things.

How to Start a WordPress Website for Your Business?

To begin, you must register with a WordPress hosting company. These specialized businesses will put your website on their servers for hosting.

WordPress is renowned for being quick and simple to install.

You will need to choose a theme for your website after installation. Check out the essential WordPress plugins for business websites as well.

We trust that this comparison of WordPress and HTML has given you some insight into which platform is better for your company website.

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