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How to Hide Featured Images on Individual Posts in WordPress

Would you like to make the featured photos on individual WordPress posts invisible? Sometimes you might want to just hide

Homethagan 3 Min Read

How to Choose The Best Premium WordPress Theme for Your Site

The success of your blog depends on the theme you choose when you first launch it. You'll probably have to

Homethagan 7 Min Read

How to Add Topics in WordPress Navigation Menus

New readers frequently inquire about how to add subjects to their WordPress navigation menus. Most users believe they must develop

Homethagan 3 Min Read

How to Choose a Perfect Color Scheme for Your WordPress Site

Do you have trouble picking on a color design for your WordPress website? Choosing the proper color scheme for your

Homethagan 6 Min Read

How to Add or Change Your Full Name in WordPress

Is the name of your blog entries on your WordPress site incorrect? WordPress displays the site owner's username on their

Homethagan 3 Min Read

How to Add Posts by Email in WordPress

Do you want to use WordPress to send out blog posts by email? One of our users recently found the

Homethagan 7 Min Read

How to Change Date and Time Format in WordPress

Have you ever wanted to change WordPress's date format? Perhaps you intended to shorten the month, hide the year, or

Homethagan 4 Min Read

How to Know if Your WordPress Website Uses Cookies

Would you like to know if cookies are used on your WordPress site? Cookies are little text files that websites

Homethagan 10 Min Read

What is User Role in WordPress

A "user" in WordPress is someone who has access to your website's login page. The word "user role" refers to

Homethagan 6 Min Read

What is WAMP in WordPress

The software stack Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP is commonly abbreviated as WAMP. It is derived from LAMP (Linux, Apache,

Homethagan 2 Min Read
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